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The most effective way to master the PAT

A clear and systematic way to master the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT), as you prepare for your Dental Admissions Test (DAT)

Girl studying for the perceptual ability test (PAT) of the DAT
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Girl studying for the perceptual ability test (PAT) of the DAT
Why we built this course

We realized that studying for the PAT is way harder than it should be, and we wanted to change that!

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PAT course highlights

These unique features make our course the best tool for studying for the DAT perceptual ability section.

Systematic studying

Organization of PAT problems by levels
A systematic way to study! We organized each PAT question type into 3 levels. This makes it easier to learn naturally, getting a hang of the basics before progressing to harder problems.
Level 1
The easy to medium questions that appear on the PAT

Level 2
The more challenging questions that appear on the PAT

Level 3
The most challenging questions that could appear on the PAT
Clear explanations and graphics

Highest quality graphics for all types of PAT problems

Our clear graphics help you better understand the 3D objects tested on your exam, as well as tricky 2D problems! Our graphics include:
Rotating models and other 3D graphics for all keyhole and top-front-end problems
3D graphics showing folding steps for hole punching and pattern folding problems
Semi-transparent/turned structures for cube counting
New ways of looking at angle ranking problems