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We are excited to provide this new, free resource for students studying for the DAT! We have carefully developed extensive explanations for the PAT section of the ADA Sample Items, which are not available elsewhere.

We recommend that students use the ADA Sample Items and other ADA resources while studying for the DAT, and we hope that our free explanations will help clarify the PAT problems you find most challenging.

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Note: This is a free resource provided by the ADA and is NOT a product of Erudition.

What are the

ADA Sample


The ADA Sample Items are a free resource offered by the American Dental Association (ADA), the makers of the DAT. They are meant to give you an idea of the types of problems you may encounter on your DAT.

We recommend that all students review these Sample Items as well as the other ADA test preparation materials as part of your study. You can find the ADA Sample Items here:

What do our PAT


give you?

Our PAT explanations help maximize the usefulness of the ADA Sample Items as a study resource. We provide detailed explanations for all the problems, including 3D graphics for all problems types and gifs for all Keyhole and Top-front-end problems. Our explanations allow you to fully understand the objects and items created by the actual test makers.

ADA #2 - GIF and explanation image (Keyhole)
Pat explanation
ADA #16 - GIF and
Choice D explanation image (Top-front-end)
Pat explanation
ADA #63 -
Explanation images (Cube counting)
Pat explanation
Pat explanation
ADA #51 -
Explanation images (Hole punching)
Pat explanation
Pat explanation
Pat explanation
ADA #81 -
Explanation images (Pattern folding)
The most helpful PAT graphics
explanation object

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